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118 North River Road •  Lee, NH 03861

Coppal House Farm

Corn Maze, Pumpkins, Wagon Rides & More!


Farm Raised Meats

"From our fields to your table!"


We raise delicious pasture raised & grain fed with no hormones pork, lamb, chicken & beef, along with a selection of smoked meats.  In addition, we grow a variety of seasonal produce and raise free-range eggs.


 Sheep are rotationally grazed on the pastured fields.  Hogs are raised on grains grown on the property.  Laying hens and roasters free range in selected areas.  Belgian Draft horses plow and work the fields.  A variety of crops are rotated around the farm from row crops to small grains, corn and oilseed.  The public is encouraged to purchase farm fresh products from the farmstand and partake in the fall activities of the sunflower festival, corn maze, and pumpkin harvest.


Our chickens are fenced out of crops and are allowed to roam free on our 78-acres.  This allows them to eat a variety of greens and insects and take dust baths.  Not only does this make for happy chickens, but it provides a better tasting egg!


Call ahead to inquire about meat selections & availability, or to place your special orders.

What's available this week:


Farm Fresh Free-Range Eggs

Pasture Raised & Grain Fed Pork & Lamb


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