Marvel at this agricultural feat of engineering as you make your way through living walls of
corn over 10 feet high!  The Corn Maze will delight and challenge all ages!  Our maze is
professionally designed and cut from a company in Missouri.

New! Double Corn Mazes: 2 connected corn mazes!! Enjoy a timeless stroll through two
Corn Mazes! There are several ways to get through the maze, not just one path!

Plan to spend the day at the farm!  Let us provide the setting for a great day for you to
have fun and enjoy the beautiful country views. We have a picnic area, bathroom facility,
and plenty of free parking!
Wow two dragonflies!  Better brush up on your beneficial insect facts!
Can you see the outline of a Tom Turkey in this maze?
2005:  Our First Year Corn Maze:  A  Moose!
2008 Dragonfly Maze
2006 Turkey Maze
2007 Coyote Maze
2005 Moose Maze
Can you see the picture of a skunk and sunflower in our maze?
2009 Skunk & Sunflower Maze
Whoo will have the fastest time out of the maze?
2011 Turtle Maze
2010 Great Horned Owl Maze
Come to the Turtle Maze and learn fun facts about turtles!
Previous Mazes:
2013 Salamander Maze
2012 Bunny Maze
2014 Double Corn Maze:  Wildcat and Field Mouse!  Click image for larger view.
Corn Maze
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Corn Maze, Pumpkins, Wagon Rides & More!
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